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The PMS Comfort Story—Natural Relief for Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS Comfort is a natural health supplement and lifestyle program for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), developed and formulated by Dr. Daniel Heller, a California doctor. PMS Comfort relieves PMS naturally, without any drugs or hormones. 

The story of PMS Comfort could be said to have begun on a foggy day in the summer of 1981 when Dr. Heller (then still a college student)—long before any thoughts of medicine or being a doctor —walked into a health food store in San Francisco and bought his first herbal medicine manual, The Way of Herbs. That began a lifelong fascination with health and healing that ultimately culminated in his career as a naturopathic doctor.

Another version of this story has been advanced by Dr. Heller's family. While his mother died when he was a very young child, family stories told that she suffered from severe PMS. This would have been in the 1950s and 1960s, long before the term PMS had gained any degree of medical recognition whatsoever (the first mention of PMS was found in a medical literature search was a 1973 editorial in the British Medical Journal entitled "Premenstrual Symptoms"). A few years ago when Dr. Heller remarked to some family members that he had developed an innovative natural health approach to PMS, and was launching a company to make it available to women in the United States, his cousin remarked, "Oh, your mother had terrible PMS! That must be why you are interested in this." Dr. Heller points out, this is not how he remembers his mother! The most likely version, though, is this: since 1995, Dr. Heller has helped thousands of women with a range of reproductive and endocrine conditions. He found that premenstrual syndrome caused so much suffering and disruption to women and their lives and their families. But he also discovered that PMS could be helped dramatically, and in many cases completely cured, with a specific program of the right combination of vitamins and minerals, special women's herbs blended in precise amounts, and an advanced yet holistic treatment plan of dietary and lifestyle modifications.

A typical follow-up appointment using this action plan with a woman who has come in because of PMS symptoms usually goes something like this: As soon as she sits down in the doctor's office, she exclaims, "I can't believe it! I forgot my period was even coming! I'm so used to knowing days (or weeks) in advance, because of my pain and moods and bloating and depression, and now—nothing! I don't seem to even have PMS anymore." In most cases, the symptoms were mostly or entirely relieved by the second cycle of being on the natural regimen, with an occasional woman requiring a few more cycles to get maximum relief.

Given the negative impact PMS has on women's lives, Dr. Heller thought someone else would have been moving heaven and earth to tackle this problem, but instead he found that many doctors told women they just had to "live with it," while some doubted its very existence (usually male physicians, for some reason.) The few doctors who treat it, use drugs such as hormonal birth control and anti-depressant drugs. The side effects of which are intolerable to some and undesirable to many women, with many women simply preferring to not take synthetic chemical drugs altogether. 

Many holistic doctors were trying to treat PMS using semi-synthetic hormonal creams, which do nothing to balance the body, and could end up imbalancing hormones even further (since hormonal balance is so delicate and so complex). Other natural health practitioners were prescribing expensive hormone tests, claiming that this would help pinpoint the exact hormonal imbalance. Dr. Heller viewed this as a pointless exercise for the patient, because hormones fluctuate throughout the day and week and month, sometimes even hourly. And, hormones in the bloodstream, or the urine, are not active: only hormones that are attached to hormone receptors on the surfaces of cells (including in the brain) actually have an effect in the body.

Dr. Heller realized that he had developed the only program that reduced the PMS confusion and offered simple, real, and lasting relief without unnecessary chemicals and exorbitant expenses. In other words, natural relief for PMS was here, but still, few physicians seemed to realize how urgent it was to help the tens of millions of women who suffer each month. There are drugs, vitamins, and medical devices for so many conditions, but Dr. Heller felt that no one was taking the terrible suffering of women with PMS seriously enough. He thought, if I am seeing this in my practice and in my community, think of all the women suffering unnecessarily simply because no one seems to have developed such an effective treatment program. And, it appears as if no one else is even trying to!

But getting fantastic results in the clinic is one thing—offering this kind of advanced and highly specific natural solution to the women in the general public is another. In keeping with his work and belief in medical research, Dr. Heller arranged a research study of the herbal formula part of the PMS Comfort Program, to be absolutely certain that it worked outside of his practice clinic, too. Beyond the dramatic effect the product had on even the most severe symptoms and the heartfelt responses the study participants shared, another revealing moment occurred. As the videographer team packed up their equipment, they shared with Dr. Heller:  "We've done hundreds of videos for studies and for products. We've never seen people as enthusiastic and happy about a product as PMS Comfort. This really made a difference in their lives."

We're pleased to bring the relief and resolution story to the millions of women for whom PMS has been a source of suffering, and we hope you'll let us serve you as trusted partner in your personal journey towards optimal health and a happy, fulfilled life.

Real, Natural Relief—So You Can Feel Great All Month Long

PMS and PMDD misery aren't always taken seriously enough by doctors, family, and friends. At PMS Comfort, our whole purpose is to empower and educate you about premenstrual symptoms, and to provide real, natural relief so that you can feel great all month long. Our all-natural doctor-designed programs are based on decades of experience helping thousands of women recover from what you've been going through. Our Herbal Relief formula, when combined with our diet and lifestyle guidance, addresses more than just your symptoms—it can help bring your body and mind back into balance, and help you get and stay healthy. Plus, we're here to support you, every step of the way.

To learn more about your PMS and PMDD symptoms, take the PMS Comfort quiz. Or, start feeling better today, for as little as 89 cents per day.

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Last Modified: October 28, 2014

Reference Documents and Further Reading:

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