I Will Never Leave The House Again Without My PMS Comfort

by Dr. Daniel J. Heller July 19, 2011

We are in the business of providing women natural premenstrual syndrome relief. So I love it when I get feedback like this. It's really what makes us tick here: knowing that we're making a difference in women's lives, that we're helping something (PMS) that doesn't get the attention it should get. And, sometimes—well, more than sometimes—we really change someone's life.

Jodi is one of PMS Comfort's biggest fans. She was a participant in the PMS Comfort Study. You can see her video here, taken when she completed the study. I got this letter from her after she received a new supply of the supplements, a little more than a year after the study ended.

"Hi Doc! A few weeks ago, I started to feel kinda bloated and irritable and achey, like I was getting the flu. I've been living with my gramps, he is 92 and I didn't want to risk him getting sick (He's a very busy man!) so I was going to move back home till I got better. So I was getting my belongings together and lo and behold, I grabbed my little pill container and immediately realized that I had run out of all my pills a few days prior, which normally I would not be too concerned about but no pills meant NO PMS Comfort!!! Well Doc, then it all made sense!!! I had gone a few days without my PMS Comfort pills and what a difference it had made!!! I then had to actually look at a calendar and count days and realized it was PMS time. Well, I tried to explain this to my gramps which was quite funny and needless to say, I got in my car, drove two hours home, grabbed a FULL bottle of PMS Comfort, took two, grabbed some clothes, played with my cats, said hi to my mom, and drove the two and a half hours (traffic) right back. It was a long day but well worth the drive! Long story (not so short), I will NEVER leave the house again without my PMS Comfort!!! NEVER EVER!!! So then yesterday, my sister tells me that there was a package at the front door and it's a supply of PMS Comfort!!! Doc, you made my day, my month, my year!!! I was so excited!!! I AM so excited!!! The difference that you have made in my life is mind blowing!!! You know the saying for the credit card, 'Don't leave home without it.' Well, you can say, 'PMS Comfort, don't leave home without them!!!' Thank you so so much for the supplements! I hope that business is going well! I tell everybody, even men, about them! Sorry to ramble on and on but I had to tell you about this most recent experience. Take care and please keep me up to date on the website and everything. Thank you again Doc!!! ~ Jodi"

I've got nothing to add: Jodi said it all perfectly well!

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