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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PMS?

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is the group of physical, emotional, and thinking (e.g. cognitive) symptoms that occur cyclically (regularly) before your period, and that impact work, social, and family functioning. There are several informative articles on this site that will give you a more in depth view of this subject including: What is PMS? and PMS Symptoms.

Can I purchase PMS Comfort available on Amazon or eBay? What if I live outside the United States?

Yes. We are proud to be a part of Amazon Prime and eBay; both organizations ship within the US and internationally to a number of non-US countries. On this website, we can only ship PMS Comfort to US addresses (due to differing regulations on herbal and nutritional products).

My doctor says, "I just have to live PMS" or "there's no such thing as PMS."

Both these ideas are untrue. Unfortunately, women frequently hear from doctors, friends, and family that PMS is imaginary, or that you can't do any about PMS suffering. Premenstrual syndrome is a real condition with real, troubling symptoms. And, you can resolve and relieve PMS. We are confident that our PMS Comfort Natural Relief Programs are the best natural approach to achieve relief from PMS.

What is PMS Comfort? What are the PMS Comfort Natural Relief Programs?

The PMS Comfort Natural Relief Programs are a program of holistic nutritional and herbal supplements plus at-home self care and support, based on Dr. Heller's many years of experience treating premenstrual syndrome and related hormonal problems, and his research into proven safe and effective natural solutions to PMS. Our programs are based on what works in practice, the best of nutritional and herbal science plus the essence of centuries of herbal wisdom and decades of nutritional medicine.

Is PMS Comfort Safe?

The ingredients in PMS Comfort are known to be safe when taken as recommended. PMS Comfort is produced in a facility that meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Current Good Manufactuing Practices (cGMP) standards for purity and cleanliness, and our ingredients are tested, and retested, for potency and quality.

Any supplement, medication, or food has the potential, however slight, to cause a reaction. Reactions to PMS Comfort and its ingredients are rare. PMS Comfort has no known interactions with medications.

Women who are pregnant, or may become pregnant, should not use PMS Comfort. If you find out you are pregnant while taking PMS Comfort, simply discontinue taking the product.

The most common side effect of PMS Comfort is a renewed feeling of balance, calm, health, and happiness!

Do you stand behind the products on your site?

Yes we do. That's why we offer our Core Herbal Relief product on a risk-free 60-day trial basis, with a complete satisfaction guarantee. We will bend over backwards to make sure you're happy with us, and with our products. We've created our products to help women live happier, more fulfilling, and more productive lives. We encourage you to learn more about us and how we stand by our products and services.

Is PMS Comfort available without a prescription?

Yes it is. The PMS Comfort Natural Relief Programs are nutritional and herbal supplements that use a proprietary combination of healing botanical extracts and critical nutrients to resolve and relieve PMS and balance hormones. All our products are free of all drugs, hormones, contaminants, and artificial additives.

Doesn't PMS have to be treated with hormones?

No, it doesn't. Many women prefer to avoid the negative side effects associated with taking artificial, synthetic hormones. And even so-called natural hormones are not harmless—they can alter the fine tuning of the body's endocrine system. The supplements in our programs contain no hormones and no other artificial additives or chemicals of any kind. They are all natural! Dr. Heller has helped so many women without using drugs or hormones of any kind, ever.

I am taking birth control pills. Can I use PMS Comfort too?

We don't recommend it. Whether you are taking birth control hormones for birth control, or for hormonal imbalance symptoms such as PMS, they work by replacing your natural hormones with synthetic hormonal drugs. These drugs are so strong that they shut down your body's delicate natural hormonal balance, which forces your body to become dependent on the drug hormones. And there is a theoretical possibility that the herbs could actually interfere with the birth control effect of the pill, IUD, etc., rendering it ineffective. PMS Comfort is a natural balancer, and can't overcome the effects of hormone drugs. In our practice, we have used PMS Comfort Natural Relief Programs to help women get off hormonal birth control and re-establish a more natural, healthy cycle.

I am taking a thyroid medication and am still having premenstrual symptoms. Can I use PMS Comfort too?

Yes you can use PMS Comfort. But we always recommend that you check with the doctor that prescribed the medication to ensure that you are on the correct dose. And because thyroid medication can bind to other medications and supplements if taken at the same time (which would prevent the thyroid medication from working properly), we recommend that you take your thyroid medication by itself 30-60 minutes before other medications and supplements. It is never a bad idea to check with your pharmacist to confirm you've received proper instructions on how and when to take your prescribed medication.

I plan on getting pregnant in the next couple of months. Can I take PMS Comfort?

No. The ingredients in PMS Comfort are generally safe and harmless, but they have never been tested for safety with women who are pregnant. PMS Comfort should not be taken if you might be pregnant or might become pregnant. Women who become pregnant while taking PMS Comfort should simply discontinue it.

Does PMS Comfort work for perimenopausal symptoms?

PMS Comfort works well for the type of perimenopausal symptoms that are easily confused with PMS, including cyclical irritability, cramps, bloating, anger, depression, aches and pain, and the like. It can also help with naturally balancing a menstrual cycle that has gotten out of balance. Since it is a hormonal and menstrual balancer, PMS Comfort can aid in the transition out of the reproductive years.

Does PMS Comfort work for menopausal symptoms?

PMS Comfort is specifically formulated to address PMS symptoms, and to act as a natural hormone balancer for women in their reproductive years. Because menopause begins at the end of a woman's reproductive years, it is beyond the usual scope of PMS Comfort.

I think I have an hormonal imbalance, but not PMS. Would PMS Comfort work for me?

There is no way we can answer your question without a great deal more information. What are your symptoms? How did you determine that you have a hormonal imbalance? Did you learn this from a doctor? Since PMS Comfort is a hormone balancer, it can help many conditions beyond just PMS.

As a first step, we'd suggest you take our anonymous quiz. Also, we encourage you to contact us so one of our clinicians can review your specific symptoms and lifestyle with you to make a personalized recommendation free of charge.

Can I get PMS Comfort from my drug store or via an Internet retailer?

PMS Comfort is distributed exclusively through this site at: You may also order PMS Comfort from Amazon or eBay (see second Q&A above).

Does PMS Comfort offer contests? How can I win?

Periodically, PMS Comfort shares special offers. We change the names of users who share feedback and stories on the website to ensure confidentiality. On Facebook and other social channels, the user self identifies herself. We will announce the winner's identity where we made the special offer so the winner may know she won and to reach us for her prize. Our offers are open to users who have shared their email address with us and everyone has a chance to win, provided users follow the rules. If the prize is a PMS Comfort giveaway, we can only ship to a US address.

Where are the disclaimers on this website?

On every page, you will find a disclaimer beneath the Take PMS-PMDD Quiz box (on the right navigation) and at the bottom of the footer. Plus on these pages as well: video, PMS study, PMS success stories, and the PMS-PMDD symptoms pages that contains a PMS Comfort-sponsored video. If you have any concerns or questions, please email us or telephone us at 1-877-547-7229.

Real, Natural Relief—So You Can Feel Great All Month Long

PMS and PMDD misery aren't always taken seriously enough by doctors, family, and friends. At PMS Comfort, our whole purpose is to empower and educate you about premenstrual symptoms, and to provide real, natural relief so that you can feel great all month long. Our all-natural doctor-designed programs are based on decades of experience helping thousands of women recover from what you've been going through. Our Herbal Relief formula, when combined with our diet and lifestyle guidance, addresses more than just your symptoms—it can help bring your body and mind back into balance, and help you get and stay healthy. Plus, we're here to support you, every step of the way.

To learn more about your PMS and PMDD symptoms, take the PMS Comfort quiz. Or, start feeling better today, for as little as 89 cents per day.

We want to help. Give us a call at 1-800-731-6327, drop us an e-mail, or send us your question.

Last Modified: October 8, 2015

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