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Two Healthy Chocolate Truffle Recipes:
Low–Glycemic Dark Cocoa Balls

Almost everyone loves chocolate, and PMS chocolate cravings are certainly familiar to most women. In fact, we know many women who swear chocolate is the only thing that gets them through their PMS and PMDD symptoms. Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, even though it doesn't really relieve PMS symptoms, it can make you feel better as long as you consume it in moderation only. And besides, the latest research says that regular chocolate consumption lowers heart disease risk by as much as 33%! Just another reason to enjoy, but without overindulging.

Using pure cocoa powder and the non-nutritive sweetener stevia, these chocolate truffles—some people prefer to call them cocoa balls—have all the benefits of chocolate but without the bad fat, plus they're sugar-free. Refined sugar from candy and sweets is a major culprit behind PMS and PMDD. We think these healthy treats are a fun and delicious alternative!

Low-glycemic means this recipe doesn't cause a rapid spike in your blood sugar, which means your blood sugar doesn't fall rapidly either. That will help keep you on an even keel.

Preparation Time: 5-15 minutes for each recipe

Chocolate Nut Truffle—Recipe #1

1 t raw or Dutch-process pure cocoa powder
1 t almond butter or another nut butter
1/2 packet (to begin, see directions) stevia powder packets (can subsitute TrueVia or another erythritol-based sweetener if you prefer)
Cinnamon or unsweetened coconut flakes to taste, if desired
Small bowl and spoon or fork for mixing

Thoroughly mix 1 tspn cocoa powder with 1 tspn almond butter and one half packet stevia. The finished cocoa ball should be firm and slightly oily, though you can change the ratios to achieve a different consistency, and sweetness, if you prefer. Roll the finished ball in additional cocoa powder, cinnamon, and/or coconut flakes for an attractive gourmet touch.

Stevia powder is available at health food store or by mail order. Use packets, because the straight stevia powder is too sweet. Start by mixing in one-half stevia packet to begin; cocoa is very bitter, stevia is very sweet, and you'll need to find the right balance for you.

These taste best at room temperature, but you can refrigerate them for future use. They can also be frozen. If you decide you would like to prepare these in a larger batch to save for future use or for company, you can scale the recipe up, with the same proportions, and use a food processor or mixer.

Chocolate Truffle—Recipe #2

1 t hazelnut oil or coconut oil
1/2 t rice or coconut flour (Bob's Red Mill or any brand you can find)
1/2 t raw or Dutch-process pure cocoa powder
1/2 packet (to begin, see directions) stevia powder packets
Cinnamon or unsweetened coconut flakes to taste, if desired
Small bowl and spoon or fork for mixing


In this version, the oil provides the "glue" and the coconut or rice flour provides the body. Coconut flour is very high in fiber, too. Start by using one teaspoon oil, and a half teaspoon each of coconut flour and cocoa powder, then mix in one-half packet of stevia powder to taste. There is less cocoa powder in this recipe. Roll the finished ball in additional cocoa powder, cinnamon, and/or coconut flakes as above.

Note: If you use hazelnut oil, you'll have to refrigerate the finished cocoa ball, but coconut oil is solid at room temperature.

We hope you'll experiment with different combinations. In Spain, they combine high quality olive oil with gourmet chocolate. We think either one of these recipes would taste great with a drop or two of mint or orange flavoring. We'd love to hear your variations on this recipe!

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Principal Author: Daniel J. Heller, N.D.
Last Modified: December 13, 2011

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