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PMS Headaches

Question: I went to my doctor because I was having headaches every day before my period, and she just said, "They're PMS and you just have to deal with it." I had also started having more bloating and cravings, and breaking out more. Is there an alternative to "just dealing with it?"

~ Rachel


Answer: Rachel, there certainly is an alternative. I agree with your doctor that headaches that occur regularly before your period, and not at other times (or much less at other times), are probably a PMS symptom. I respectfully disagree, however, with any doctor who says, "you just have to live with PMS." There are natural ways to address premenstrual syndrome, including diet, lifestyle, and herbal and nutritional supplements. We've combined all those elements together into PMS Comfort. The first step, though, is to realize that those who think that unnecessary suffering is your "fate" are mistaken. You can do something natural about PMS, and you can get relief and achieve a symptom-free cycle.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
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Last Modified: October 5, 2011

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