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PMS Work Relationships

Question: I know at work sometimes you have to stay late or things can happen. But this one particular day before my period, my boss knew I was upset—at any other time I wouldn't be upset—and I think since then it's affected our relationship. That was probably a week before my period and I'm thinking, "I can't believe I reacted that way! Why did I react that way?" This happened on a Friday, and I had to apologize to him on Monday. But that should never happen in my workplace, in my opinion. I'm not happy that my hormones are affecting my work.

~ Yvonne


Answer: Yvonne, it sounds like you are a highly responsible person who values professionalism in your workplace, and you must be frustrated to feel that premenstrual syndrome gets in the way of your work. That feeling, of losing control, is part of PMS, and with PMS sometimes it's just not possible to control your feelings and actions. I think that by balancing your hormones with a natural approach, you can get back in control of your how you feel.

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Last Modified: October 5, 2011

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