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PMDD Emotional Swings

PMDD Emotional Swings: 8-10 Days a Month of Hell*

"Ever since my teens, I've struggled with my period in one way or another. But in my 20s and 30s, I began premenstrual emotional swings that bordered on delusional."*

~ Elaine C, 44 years old

"Since my period began, I've struggled with my period in one way or another. Back then, the struggle was debilitating cramps. In my 20s, I suffered horrendous headaches just before and during my period. But in my early 30s, I began premenstrual emotional swings that bordered on delusional. This has been the primary symptom up until now, in my mid-40s. My husband and I were tortured by that until about four months ago, when I found PMS Comfort and started taking it and the web site's dietary guidelines very seriously.

"For about 15 years, in the 4-5 days before my period actually started, I dove into a depression and anger that was fathoms deep and felt so real that I couldn't recall not feeling that way. I lashed out at my family. I took the smallest things that bugged me about my husband, and turned them into insurmountable mountains of fault, or I would come unglued for finding the kids' laundry not put away, or I would crumple into a crying heap thinking about my mother moving across country. The damage, of course, happened to my marriage. After tearing into my husband for a few days, my period would come and the anger and depression would evaporate. However, the horrible words I'd put out there hung over us for several more days until we felt like we could both come up for air again. Overall, we're talking about 8-10 days a month of hell.

"About six months ago, a friend who is a licensed marriage and family counselor asked, when I brought it up, why I was on a low dosage of Lexapro. I told her it was because, apparently, I had mild depression and anxiety. But knowing me as a friend, and with her professional experience, she suggested I look into PMDD; she thought it sounded more like that. I let that idea lay, and then the next PMS blowup I had with my husband was it: he told me something needed to be done, because our marriage wasn't going to make it. So between that and my friend's concern, I started searching online for some answers.

"Part of the reason I'm writing this testimony is that I was downright shocked to read some of the testimonies on the PMS Comfort site: they sounded like me! I couldn't believe it wasn't just my problem! That's what kept bringing me back to this web site more than the others out there—the testimonies, along with the extensive articles about diet, and their 60-day guarantee on the products. I considered throwing together my own supplements at the natural food store, but decided that with a 60-day guarantee, I'd let PMS Comfort do the work.

"So I ordered the supplements, and I took their dietary recommendations to heart. I’ve cut out caffeine entirely—and I used to have 3-4 cups of coffee a day. I cut alcohol from about 2 drinks a night to about 4 over the weekend. As much as possible (and without making myself nuts), I've replaced wheat products with gluten-free products. Sugar is the hardest thing of all for me to cut—I love my sweets! But I am much more conscious about my sugar intake. I encourage everyone who is struggling with PMDD to cut out the 4 "poisons"that PMS Comfort recommends and I know that the caffeine was a big culprit for me. I've always been a regular exerciser, so I was just encouraged to keep going. Probably about once a week I forget to take the afternoon supplements, but other than that, I'm strict about taking them.

"Immediately I started feeling calmer during everyday, and sleeping so much better every night. And the week before my next period rolled around, I held my breath waiting to see what would happen. NOTHING! My period started and my husband and I looked at each other and said, "that's it?"I just finished my fourth period with PMS Comfort, and in those four periods, I'd say I've had a total of three days that were mildly irritable, and even those have been entirely manageable. It's like the irritability from not getting enough sleep or having a bad cold. Yes, I'm a bit cranky, but it's not going to ruin my marriage or scare my kids. I'm very aware it's just my period coming and I keep it in check.

"At my next psychiatrist appointment, I'm going to talk with the doc about coming off the very low dosage of Lexapro that I've been on for about nine years. And in a few years when my daughter starts menstruating, I'm going to be very open with her about how she's feeling, let her know she's not alone, and help her find solutions to any of these problems she might be suffering.

"I’m filled with gratitude, thanks PMS Comfort!”*

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